Average Insurance Cost for the Jeep Compass and Jeep Patriot

Starting at less than $20,000 the Jeep Compass is an excellent choice for anyone who wants the sleek lines of a Jeep and the fuel economy of a mid-size sedan. The Compass features seating for 5 and an incredible amount of cargo space for that next camping trip. The Patriot features an even lower price tag that starts below $16,000 and the same great 23/29 mpg fuel economy. Seating for 5 and a 60/40 split fold rear seat gives the Patriot a great deal of versatility that most drivers will appreciate. If you are considering purchasing a new or used Jeep Patriot or Compass here is what to expect when insuring your Jeep.

Average Insurance Rates

You can expect to pay average rates for the Jeep Patriot or Compass. At a national average of $100 a month, the rates are consistent with insurance rates for most sedans, but you will get to enjoy all the benefits of an SUV. Here are some of the great things about Jeep Compass and Patriot that work to keep those rates at the low end of the spectrum.

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Jeep Compass and Jeep Patriot are Popular Cars

Jeep is a popular brand, it always has been. Originally known for its ruggedness and ability to handle tough terrain, it’s made the transition to a family car that’s also fun to drive. It’s a household name, and the vehicles are found in driveways all across the country. That high demand means that supply is high and replacement parts are readily available. This translates to lower repair bills after an accident, and that helps keep premiums low.

Low Theft Rate

Some cars are magnets for thieves, but Jeeps aren’t on the list. If you leave your Compass unlocked with the keys dangling inside there’s a good chance it will be stolen, but it’s not a huge target. The insurance companies keep this in mind when pricing the cars. Want to negotiate a better rate? Make sure your insurance carrier knows that your Jeep Patriot has a security system. Better yet, upgrade to a system with a kill-switch and ask for a discount.

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Jeep's Standard Safety Cage

Jeep takes safety seriously. That’s why their vehicles have safety cages that are designed to crumple and absorb an impact, helping to keep the passengers and driver safe. High-strength steel cross beams in the door are engineered along with crush zones and a front crumple zone so the occupants are less likely to be injured, even in severe accidents. Insurance companies like this and reward owners with slightly lower premiums.

Airbags and Other Safety Checks

The Jeep Compass and Patriot are loaded with airbags. The front passengers are protected head-on and side curtain airbags protect all occupants from side impact crashed. Anti-lock brakes and electronic stability control offer additional protection when driving in difficult weather.

Accident Avoidance

Technology continues to improve, and accident avoidance features help keep Jeep owners safer. Computerized systems jump into action when a rollover may occur to apply the exact braking forces to the necessary wheels, helping to prevent an accident. Power will also be transferred from the front wheels to the rear, helping to keep the car more stable. This feature helps the Compass and Patriot enjoy lower insurance rates

Four -Wheel Drive Jeeps Are More Expensive to Insure

Anytime an insurance company sees four-wheel drive the rates will go a little higher. This is because four-wheel drive transmissions cost more to repair or replace after an accident. The good news is that the bump in premiums is insignificant compared to the convenience that comes from having four-wheel drive available when the weather is bad.

Jeep is a household name for a reason. Introduced in 1940, Jeeps have witnessed a great deal of American history. From the earliest open top vehicles that are still recognized today to the family cars that grace the roads now, Jeep has managed to transform itself over the years without surrendering any of its style and high quality.