Cheap Insurance for Convicted Drivers

For any person who suffers from a poor driving record, he or she can count on having to pay higher monthly premiums for car insurance. The reasons for this painful truth revolve around several factors. Although finding reasonably priced car insurance for convicted drivers is difficult, it is available.

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Why Bad Drivers Typically Are Expected to Pay Higher Car Insurance Premiums

Insurance companies are creatures of habit. They love using past statistics as predictors of future behaviors. The majority of insurance firms will simply examine a person's past driving record, typically covering the past three to five years. They will utilize this information to determine the individual's insurance premiums. So for any person who has suffered from a great number of violations for traffic infractions, or who has more than a single parking ticket, he or she will likely possess a poor driving record. Similarly, if the individual receives a parking ticket or gets into an accident, his or her insurance premiums will likely increase as a direct result.

Shopping Around for Cheaper Car Insurance

Individuals who possess a driving conviction on their driving record will find it very difficult to obtain a reasonable insurance rate for car insurance. The way around this lies in putting in time as penance in shopping around to track down a better premium. A great number of websites exist that are able to offer the individual information concerning a wide variety of differing insurance companies. Using these sites will allow the person to compare and contrast the different rates that the various insurance companies are offering. This results from them having to compete to win the person's business. Over the Internet, a large number of online companies will be willing to offer a person with a driving conviction a more competitive rate. Another way to accomplish this same task lies in calling car insurance companies on the telephone and querying them directly concerning their best insurance rates for the person's individual driving record and conviction. This is more traditional but requires greater amounts of time to accomplish, since each company to be considered will need to be contacted, instead of simply looking at a number of companies' best offers on a single web results page.

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Four Ways to Reduce the Costs of Insurance for Drivers Who Have A Conviction

Convicted drivers seeking out car insurance at any price will find that it is a difficult task to accomplish. Typically, these types of drivers can look forward to expensive car insurance rates and premiums. Means to decrease the final costs for this type of car insurance do exist.

#1 - Take the Least Amount of Coverage for Better Rates

One way lies in only paying for the minimal amount of car insurance coverage that the law requires. It may be that the minimum coverage is only liability coverage. This protects the person if he or she is deemed responsible in an accident. This form of minimal insurance does cover the damage to property, any resulting injuries, and in some cases, also the legal fees. The truth is that most people would rather not have this minimal coverage amount.

#2- Speak with an Insurance Agent Directly for Better Rates

For a person who has been convicted of a DUI, he or she will find that getting car insurance is even more difficult. The insurance rates which are offered may be punishing in price. Some insurance companies will simply refuse to offer coverage to a person who is convicted of a DUI. Since these particular convictions follow a person everywhere that he or she goes, the person will find that his or her best bet lies in speaking directly to insurance agents in person. Here, one is able to explain the particular situation and learn what the best that the insurance agent can do is.

#3 - Attend Driver Safety Courses for Better Rates

Another way to obtain cheaper insurance for a diver with a conviction lies in attending a course on driving safety. Once the person completes the course and has his or her certificate, then the insurance company will reconsider the decision to insure the individual. Likely, better rates will be offered as the insurance company sees that the person in question has made real efforts in good faith.

#4 - Drive Less. Low Mileage = Better Insurance Rates

Keeping a lower driving mileage will also lower car insurance rates. This may at first sound ridiculous, but insurance companies consider it. The fewer miles that a person drives, the lower his or her chance of having an accident is, according to the insurance company beloved statistics. Again, one should talk directly with an agent to try to bargain for the best rate and premium that can possibly be had.