Chevy Camaro Insurance Quotes: Not as Pricey as You'd Think

The Chevy Camaro has a long, proud history. Originally introduced in 1966 as a response to the Ford Mustang, the Camaro remains a classic American muscle car. The name had a brief hiatus between 2003 and 2009. However, it was reintroduced in 2010 with a strong retro look that hearkened back to the early Camaros and proved extremely popular with the buying public. Up through 2003, the Camaro had gradually lost many of the features that originally made it a hit with muscle car enthusiasts. The 2010 reintroduction was a rebirth for the Camaro brand, and truly brought back the Camaro's early glory days.

If you have been gazing longingly at the newest Camaro and imagining yourself driving it then you might have been wondering what it would cost to insure this fine piece of machinery.

Camaro Horsepower: Bigger and Badder

The newest Camaro is also one of the most powerful versions offered to date. With more than 400 horsepower, it has thirty percent more power than the models offered throughout the 1990’s. While this power is great on the roads and appreciated by drivers who crave performance, it may make your insurer just a little nervous. There is a belief that all that power will lead to faster driving and more accidents, causing rates to see a slight increase.

How Much to Insure That Camaro?

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It's True That Sports Cars Are Expensive to Insure

Family sedans and minivans have very low rates; it’s a fact of the insurance industry. Sports cars, on the other hand, carry higher premiums. The Camaro is classified as a sports car by the insurance industry and so it will cost more to insure this car than you would pay to insure a station wagon.

New Camaro has Big Blind Spots

The newest Camaro features a low seated driving position, heavy pillars around the windshield and small windows. While it is pleasing aesthetically, it poses serious problems for visibility. One common complaint with the Camaro is that the car has major blindspots, increasing the risk of being involved in an accident. This little fact also works against owners and drives up the cost of insurance.

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New Camaro's Safety Features Are Good for Insurance Costs

Insurance companies love safety features, and the Camaro more than delivers. Here is the list of safety features that will protect you and help to bring those insurance rates back down to reasonable levels.
• Driver air bags
• Passenger air bags
• Side impact air bags
• OnStar system
• Hands-free calling
• Daytime running lights
• Traction control system
• StabiliTrak electronic stability control system
• Anti-lock brakes
• Tire pressure monitor
• Parking assist is optional on higher trim levels
• Fog lamps are optional on higher trim levels
• Rear view camera is available on higher trim levels

Anti-Theft Devices

The Camaro has always been on the list of most-stolen cars. The newest models are no exception. However, they come standard with OnStar stolen vehicle assist and an anti-theft system. These two features work to keep the insurance rates affordable.

Alright, So How Much is Insurance for a Chevy Camaro

You may be wondering what the bottom line regarding the cost of insurance for a newer Camaro. It actually won’t be as expensive as you might think. While it will cost a little more to insure the Camaro, it’s still very affordable. Average cost of insurance for this sports car is around $115 a month. However, there are still many individual factors that can greatly affect your cost of insurance.

If you're interested in insuring a classic Camaro, expect insurance rates to increase. Be sure your insurance company classifies your classic Camaro as a vehicle driven for pleasure. This will definitely lower the insurance rate, but may also place limitations on your annual mileage. Since most classic cars are only driven occasionally, this won't be a problem for most classic Camaro enthusiasts.

Caution: A Poor Driving Record Makes Sports Cars More Expensive

Your driving record will always have an impact on your insurance premiums. However, you can expect any tickets on your record to be drive up the monthly cost more when you are driving a car with this much raw power. One easy way to keep the insurance low is to make sure you don’t get any tickets.

Garage That Baby

Because it’s high on the list for criminals, your insurance company would greatly appreciate it if this car were stored regularly in a garage. If you own your home or otherwise have access to a garage, consider keeping this car in the garage at night. It might help you get the rates a little lower.

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The Camaro is still a powerful car and a pleasure to drive. The new styling of the Camaro is a welcome change from the fourth generation models that were low on power and starting to lose their appeal. If you’ve been dreaming about driving around in the newest Camaro model, you will be thrilled to know that it’s more affordable than you thought.