Chevy Equinox Insurance - What You Need to Know

When buying a new car it is always a good idea to get specific insurance details on the car that you wish to purchase. The Chevy Equinox is the vehicle that this article will be focusing on by providing you with the details that you should know before buying one. Chevy Equinox is just like any other vehicle and has price differences depending on which insurance company you are with and other car packages that you may or may not include.

Chevy Equinox Safety Features

The many safety features found on the Chevy Equinox contribute to slightly lower-than-average insurance costs. Safety is a big factor when insuring a car because car insurances want to make sure that accidents are not likely and if they do occur that the passengers and the vehicle itself will be alright. The Chevy Equinox is a bigger vehicle so it is less likely to take in much damage than a smaller average sized car. The Equinox also has several airbags which protects the passengers greatly. Other safety features are also included and if they are added as elective features, the insurance costs will be less expensive than normal.

The Chevy Equinox itself is equipped with six total airbags which is a lot compared to regular vehicles. It also benefits from excellent stability and traction control which helps lower insurance costs considering that it is very good during winter seasons and when it rains. The ABS brake system is another safety feature on the Equinox which allows it to benefit from excellent braking distances. The Chevy Equinox comes with an extra feature not found on many cars; the one year free subscription to Onstar technologies. The Onstar feature also lowers insurance prices because it is one of the safest features available on vehicles in today's market. All of these safety features really help lower insurance costs and will be greatly appreciated by anyone interested in buying one.

How Much Is Insurance for a Chevy Equinox?

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The StabiliTrak system which is implemented in the Chevy Equinox is truly remarkable. This stability system which was developed by Chevrolet is installed on most of their trucks and SUVs. The Equinox is no different and benefits from this feature which allows drivers to turn sharp corners at high speeds without the risk of losing control. This stability system also reduces the chances of the vehicle flipping over or turning over while turning sharp corners because of its great road gripping. This unique system gives the Equinox bonus points when insuring this SUV compared to other SUVs that do not have this type of stability. The Chevy Equinox is an overall safe vehicle which was awarded 5 stars in safety by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. This 5 star safety rating is recognized by all insurance companies and is one of the main factors as to why the Equinox benefits from such great insurance rates.

The other factors that decide your insurance rates will not really be affected by the type of vehicle. An example of this is your driving history; if you have a history filled with accidents, you should still expect to pay more for your insurance. The Chevy Equinox will not affect your past driving experiences. This vehicle will not affect vandalism or fire costs either. However the Chevy Equinox will more than likely lower the costs of theft because it is equipped with an anti theft system. This anti theft system is stock on the Chevy Equinox and does not come stock on every other vehicle so your cost will be lowered. However, there is always the option of upgrading the anti theft system on your Chevy Equinox to benefit from even bigger insurance discounts. The less likely that your vehicle is to be stolen or wrecked, the better your insurance rates will be. The Chevy Equinox also benefits from the best miles per gallon on the market. This makes the fuel economy very good which will ultimately end up saving you lots of money compared to other SUVs.

Chevy Equinox Insurance Comparison

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When insuring a Chevy Equinox, keep in mind that you will be insuring a very safe and reliable vehicle. Shop around and find the best insurance company with the best rates. The safety features found on this vehicle will without doubt be loved by every Chevy Equinox owner.