Chevy Silverado Insurance Based on Safety Features

Driving what is considered a safe vehicle can help in getting a lower insurance payment and the Chevy Silverado in general has always been labeled a safe vehicle. What this can mean for Chevy Silverado owners is possibly insurance rates that aren’t too steep. Of course, the insurance rates will also depend heavily on these other major factors: the driver’s age, the truck’s age, the driver’s driving record, as well as the address the truck will be parked at.

So exactly how much can one expect to spend on insurance for a Chevy Silverado? Naturally, Chevy pickup trucks have a reputation of offering drivers a feeling of security when behind the wheel. Unfortunately, this personal feeling of security isn’t normally a factor when it comes to obtaining Chevy Silverado auto insurance.

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As mentioned in the first paragraph on the vehicle’s safety; below is a brief list of the safety features of the Chevy Silverado which can help in obtaining auto insurance at low prices.

1. Daytime Running Lights
2. Tire Pressure Monitoring System
3. Adjustable Seat Belt Height With Pretensioners
4. 4 Wheel Anti-Lock Brakes
5. Electronic Stability Control
6. Airbags
7. Auto Crash Notify
8. Child Seat Anchors
9. Rear Seat Head Restraints
10. Traction Control

Due to the above safety features auto insurance for the Chevy Silverado shouldn’t be astronomical. In fact, this pickup truck is fully loaded with safety features more than any other full-size truck available. Insurance companies reward safety features with a host of discounts which can definitely reduce car insurance costs. Drivers need to divulge all of the safety features to insurance providers in order to take advantage of any discounts that may be available for use.

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Chevy Silverado insurance prices can fluctuate, but for drivers who are 21 and younger the costs can easily run $200 per month. Women in their thirties can find great deals around $100 per month. Of course, male drivers in their thirties are likely to pay more than female drivers, but only by $25. Usually, the older the driver is the lower the price will be. In fact, if the driver is married; Chevy Silverado insurance premiums will be even less. But keep in mind that the type of coverage selected plays a major part regardless of the driver’s age or sex.

Another important factor that insurance providers use for determining rates is a driver’s claim history. If a driver makes several claims, this will negatively affect the insurance costs. Keep in mind that driving a Chevy Silverado should always require full coverage insurance. The reason is quite simple; a pickup truck if at fault in an accident is likely to cause more damage than a normal-size car. This will produce a huge financial problem if the Silverado is underinsured, and may open the driver up for a damaging lawsuit.

Saving money on auto insurance is favorable, but drivers, especially drivers of pickup trucks like the Chevy Silverado should not opt for inadequate coverage just to save a few dollars.