Chrysler PT Cruiser Insurance Options

Chrysler may have dropped the PT Cruiser from its lineup but you can still enjoy the retro styling and amazing cargo space this car has to offer. Produced from 1999 to 2010, this car satisfied the demands of many people for a car that was stylish and different but also versatile with plenty of cargo space. If you are considering picking up a used PT Cruiser, here's what you can expect from the insurance company.

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PT Cruiser Average Insurance Costs

The PT Cruiser had a low retail price and used models can be picked up for good prices, but the insurance premiums will run about $1400 a year. There are several factors that an insurance company takes into account when determining premiums. Here are some of the considerations that play a role where the PT Cruiser is concerned.

PT Cruiser's Out-of-Production Status May Mean Higher Repair Costs

When a car goes out of production the manufacturers do not always continue producing replacement parts. While Chrysler is still in business and says that they will continue offering parts for the PT Cruiser that will only continue as long as there is a reasonable demand for the parts. As time goes on you can expect the repair costs for bodywork after an accident to go up, along with a slight increase in the insurance premium.

On the plus side, the PT is a relatively basic car. It does not have a lot of the electronic features that are found in more expensive luxury cars. This limits the repair bills in the case of an accident and helps to bring the insurance cost a little lower for you.

Low Engine Repair Costs

The bump received for the car being out of production may be offset by the fact that the Cruiser offers very reasonable costs when it comes to engine repairs. Many engine parts are compatible with several different models still in production in Chrysler's lineup. This means that the issue with the car being out of production is not as important where the engine is concerned. Additionally, the costs for many standard repairs on the PT Cruiser are on the low side of industry averages.

Discounts for Safety Features

With front seat airbags and 4-wheel ABS, the PT Cruiser has some basic safety equipment in place. It also features a 4 star rating for front and side crash impacts and 5 star rating for accidents involving the rear. Be sure to ask your insurance company if they are giving discounts based on the safety gear that comes standard in the PT Cruiser.

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PT Cruiser Theft Risk

The PT Cruiser is not on the most stolen list of cars, but you might be able to negotiate a discount for having a top alarm system. Consider having an upgraded alarm with a kill switch installed. This can net you a nice little discount on the insurance policy.


Just because Chrysler decided not to continue making the PT Cruiser doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy having one. You might even be able to negotiate a lower purchase price on your Cruiser because the model has been dropped. Before signing on the dotted line with any one insurance company, be sure to ask about discounts you might be eligible for. It’s also advisable to call around for several quotes so you can rest assured knowing that you got the best price you could.