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The Ford Explorer Has Been a Genre-Setting SUV For Decades

When Ford’s designers sat down and analyzed their customer base in the late 1980s they discovered a group of customers that wanted to blend the off road experience they enjoyed with the Ford Bronco with the on-road comfort of a smaller vehicle that was not as bland as the fading fashion station wagon.

The Ford Explorer hit the market in the early 1990s and almost immediately its size and comfort features as well as its four wheel drive capabilities gave it rock star status within the auto industry. The Eddie Bauer trim package used on the Bronco was incorporated into the Explorer and off-road luxury suddenly had a name and a body.

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The biggest question mark in those early days was, "what’s it going to cost me for Ford Explorer insurance?" Insuring a car on a truck frame was new territory for most consumers as well as for insurance companies so insurance prices cut a wide path in new Explorer lover’s pocketbooks.

Finding affordable Ford Explorer car insurance today is a lot easier that it was twenty years ago thanks to model modifications and safety features that were not available back in the day. The old Explorer came in a four wheel drive and two wheel drive model that were basically the same vehicle except for a few interior trim package offerings that increased the cost which increased the cost of Ford Explorer insurance.

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New Explorer models are being built on the crossover type frame which means the old truck frame is finding its way into the station wagon graveyard in terms of drivability, comfort, features, and insurance costs. That doesn’t mean that just because the fuel economy, engine size, body weight, and safety features have moved into the twenty-first century on new models that Ford Explorer insurance prices have dropped substantially.

Insurance companies play a retail type football game where a little knowledge and patience is the best defense for insurance profit touchdowns. Explorer lover’s must shop around and find competitive insurance prices as well as be aware of the cost-cutting tips that can save big bucks on Explorer insurance.

Ten Tips That Can Reduce Ford Explorer Insurance

Insuring a Ford Explorer doesn’t have to be a stressful and expensive process just because it’s a big vehicle with a car attitude. There are some simple tips that can save hundreds of dollars on Ford Explorer insurance. Here are the top ten tips:

  1. If you want to save money shop around and get prices from at least three different insurance companies. New independent studies show that consumers who shop around save over three hundred dollars on a six month policy by comparing insurance rates. Not all companies offer the best rates on Ford Explorers.
  2. Insure your Explorer and home with the same company. Studies show you can save fifteen percent on both premiums.
  3. Increase your deductible and save money. If you raise your deductible from two hundred and fifty dollars to one thousand dollars you can save twenty-five to forty percent on the collision and comprehensive portions of the Ford Explorer insurance premiums.
  4. An accident or a speeding ticket doesn’t always mean higher insurance rates. If you have a minor fender bender or get a ticket for a traffic violation start shopping if your insurance company raises your rates. Chances are there’s another company that will give you a better rate.
  5. Try not to pay in monthly installments. The administration fees are different when you pay your Ford Explorer insurance monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually. Making one or two payments could save you a hundred dollars or more a year in fees.
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  7. Look for companies that offer good driving discounts. A clean driving history for the past three to five years can save you money when you use companies that offer good driving rates.
  8. Look for companies that offer student and senior rates.
  9. Most Explorers have safety features that qualify for insurance discounts. Features like airbags, anti-theft devices, and anti-lock brakes can reduce insurance premiums.
  10. Drop unnecessary coverage. Explorers may come with roadside assistance coverage and rental coverage through Ford or an auto club so examine the policy and eliminate duplicate coverage.
  11. Take advantage of low mileage premiums. If you drive your Ford Explorer less, you'll pay less. Try to keep your annual miles low, and make sure to indicate low mileage when getting your insurance quotes.