Ford Escape Insurance: Money-Saving Secrets for Ford Escape Owners

Ford Escapes have been a tremendous hit among new car buyers. The Escape is a smaller SUV that still has ample room for passengers and storage, plus relatively low gas costs. When considering Ford Escape insurance costs, an owner or potential buyer should factor an additional 10-12% of the cost of the vehicle over a five year time span. When looking at this number compared to the overall affordability of the Ford Escape, the total cost of this vehicle including car insurance makes the Escape a fantastic buy.

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The Ford Escape comes with a variety of new features that can help to lower the cost of car insurance, as well. The latest version is equipped with a rear-view camera. This makes backing up much safer for the driver, other vehicles, and pedestrians. Newer models also include the SYNC system. This system helps the driver to travel safely on the road, as it includes information about traffic direction. Additionally, the Escape can also come with the new blind spot rear view mirror. This will help to ensure that drivers are turning and making lane changes safely. These safety features are a terrific way for drivers to obtain low Ford Escape insurance.

Ford also makes a hybrid version of the Escape, and these models are also qualified for lower Ford Escape insurance. Drivers of these vehicles get insurance discounts on their Ford Escapes because they meet standards for the “preferred drivers” category of insurance. The drivers of these vehicles are also usually older or married, which would qualify them for additional discounts and savings. Insurers believe that individuals that fall into these classifications are less of a liability. They also believe that the chances of drivers in these categories filing claims for accidents is significantly decreased.

Some critics may say that the low Ford Escape insurance does not make up for the interior amenities, which these individuals say are lacking compared to other SUVs. However, people that own Ford Escapes have found that they receive numerous insurance benefits, such as discounted premiums of up to 10%. They can also save up to $2,000 for an income tax credit, and they can also receive additional credits if they purchase a hybrid model. Additionally, the Ford Escape is also equipped with a system called SecuriLock. This includes a chip embedded in the key of the vehicle, and it is read every time the car starts. If the Escape does not receive the correct signal from the key, the car will not start, even if the key is a replica of the original. This has resulted significantly reduced the number of theft losses that have been reported for Ford Escape insurance companies.

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Another possible decrease in Ford Escape insurance is the vehicle’s Driver Crash Rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. In 2010, the Ford Escape earned 5 out of 5, which was better than the ratings it received in previous years. This could potentially lead to lower car insurance costs for drivers. Many large and prominent insurance companies rely heavily on these crash test ratings when making their insurance rate decisions. They clearly support the Highway Loss Data Institute and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. The Ford Escape models for 2009 and 2010 received a superior rating for their structural safety cages by these institutions. This could mean that drivers of these vehicles may see decreases in their rates soon.

When shopping for Ford Escape insurance, it is crucial for owners to shop around and find quotes from multiple dealers before making a decision. They should be sure to tell the agents about the safety features that come with their vehicle as well as any other discounts they may be able to receive. Potential buyers should also specify that they drive a Ford Escape to receive quotes for their particular vehicle and circumstances. They should also check with smaller, more localized agents, in addition to the larger companies, to make sure they have viewed all of their options.