Ford Expedition Insurance Comparison

Ford Expeditions have been around for more than a decade, and they continue to be a huge seller for the Ford Company. Starting at $37,000 they feature comfort and power in a package that can haul almost anything. Whether you are towing an RV on vacations or a work trailer, the Expedition can usually handle the load and is prepared to deliver years of steady service. In addition to the other costs of ownership with an Expedition, here is some information regarding the insurance costs of the Ford Expedition.

Expedition Rollover Risk

When SUV’s first became popular in the 1990’s, there was much said about their risk of rolling over in an accident. Early models didn’t have many features designed to prevent this, but the manufacturer has responded to public pressure over the years and made newer models less likely to roll. Newer Expeditions feature AdvanceTrac with Roll Stability Control. This technology automatically reduces engine power and makes split-second decisions about wheel braking to help keep the vehicle under control and upright. Expeditions made before 2007 don’t have this important feature. For this reason, you can expect insurance premiums on older models to be slightly more than on newer models.

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Luxury Expeditions More Expensive to Insure

Expeditions are known for being luxurious and spacious. The Eddie Bauer lines features amazing sound systems and leather seating throughout. Heated seats and moon roofs keep you comfortable even on the longest trip and the trim throughout is made from the finest materials. While not as luxurious as the Lincoln Navigator, it’s still extremely comfortable. Unfortunately, all of the bells and whistles do tend to drive up the cost of repairs, so expect to pay a little more towards your insurance premium.

Safety Improvements Lead to Cheaper Insurance

Over the years, Ford has taken steps to make the Expedition safer than ever before. The earliest models from the late 90’s featured anti-lock brakes but front airbags for the first row. The 2011 model has more safety features and earned 4 out of 5 stars on government crash tests. Front seat airbags are now complemented by full-length side curtain airbags and front-seat side airbags. Trailer sway control helps drivers keep better control of loads that are being towed. Check with your agent to ensure that you are receiving all eligible discounts based on the different safety features.

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Ford's Safety Features for Teenage Drivers

Teens have notoriously high insurance rates, and in many states you can expect your premiums to jump the day that Junior gets his license. This is due to their inexperience, shorter attention spans and willingness to put the pedal to the metal. Ford wants to help you keep your kids safer, and to that end they have equipped the new Expeditions with the MyKey system. Every driver in the house has his own key, and the key you use will automatically change certain parameters. For instance, when little Sally heads out in the Expedition with her key, she may be surprised to learn that the SUV won’t exceed certain speeds, no matter how hard she presses that pedal. The system will also allow parents to limit the stereo volume to help the kids hear what’s going on around them. Ask your insurance company if you are receiving a break on the premium thanks to this feature.

Made in the USA

Even domestic brands are not always produced domestically. The Expedition, however, is a truly domestic car that is built in the Louisville, Kentucky plant. The ready availability of domestic replacement parts helps keep repair costs low after an accident. That, in turn, will help you keep your insurance premiums low.

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Average Insurance Costs for an Average Ford Expedition

The average cost of insuring an Expedition runs about $100 a month. This number can go drastically higher or even a little lower depending on your personal driving record and where you live. However, the insurance costs are absolutely reasonable for a vehicle that provides drivers with so much luxury and comfort. The theft rate for Expeditions is not overly high, but you should still let your insurance provider know about the factory included alarm system to see if that can get a discount for you. You can also ask about taking a safe driver course to further lower insurance premiums or consider choosing a higher deductible to get the monthly bill lower still.