GMC Yukon - Insurance for a Solid SUV

Dating back to 1992, the GMC Yukon is a solid sports utility vehicle and an excellent choice for anyone who needs to haul people and cargo. Whether you are a contractor who needs to transport clients occasionally, or a busy family that sometimes need to move heavy gear, the Yukon may be the right choice for you. Here is what you can expect to find in the Yukon and how it will affect your insurance premiums.

GMC Yukon Has Grown More Luxurious over the Years

The early GMC Yukons were very basic on the interior. They weren’t loaded with bells and whistles as the emphasis was placed more heavily on the suspension and cargo space. The current Yukon, however, features a modern design and a great deal of optional, luxurious features. Choose from leather upholstery and enjoy the standard climate control that will keep everyone in the vehicle comfortable. Add a rear seat entertainment system to keep the kids quiet on long trips and relax while listening to the sounds of a quality CD player. However, keep in mind that the more luxurious a vehicle is, the more you can expect to pay towards insurance premiums.

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Safe for Occupants, but High Liability in an Accident

The GMC Yukon features a hefty curb weight, thanks in part to the heavy frame it’s built on. The SUV has an excellent ability to protect the driver and other occupants in a crash thanks to the heavy curb weight and solid frame. However, other vehicles in the path of the SUV will sustain more damage than they would if they were struck by a minivan or sedan. The insurance companies know this and view SUVs in general as a higher liability because of it. While you can drive a Yukon with confidence knowing that your family is safe, plan on paying higher premiums in exchange for that safe feeling.

GMC Yukon Saves You With Impressive Crash Ratings

Another factor that insurance companies take into account is the crash ratings of any vehicle. The NHTSA has high ratings for the 2012 Yukon. The overall rating is four out of five stars with the truck taking five stars for front impacts and side impacts. Because it will help keep the occupants safe, the insurance premiums are held down in a more reasonable range.

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Rollovers Make the GMC Yukon a Higher Liability

The one area where the NHTSA rates Yukon with only three stars is for rollover resistance. SUVs have a great deal of weight and a high center of balance, making them naturally more susceptible to rolling over should there be a loss of control. There are features that help make this less likely, like the StabiliTrak system and a tire pressure monitoring system. Intelligent brake assist is standard, making the vehicle safer. However, when a government agency still gives it a low rating, the insurance companies will take notice and charge a higher price accordingly. While the Yukon does feature head curtain side-impact air bags and seat mounted air bags for the front rows, overall the vehicle is a little light on safety features.

Theft Rates Drive up Insurance Rates for GMC Yukon

The Yukon has the misfortune of being among one of the most popular cars for the criminal element. Named the 10th most commonly stolen vehicle in 2010, this is another problem for insurance companies. Because they hate paying out for stolen cars as much as they hate paying for cars that wrecked, they will charge a higher premium to insure them. A theft-deterrent system is standard on the Yukons, but the slight break for having an alarm is not enough to offset the fact that your car is simply more likely to be targeted.

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The national average to insure a car is about $100 a month. The Yukon rolls in at a slightly higher rate of $120 a month. Choose a model with four-wheel drive and that rate will go a little higher. Choose an older model that is lacking airbags and the rate may push higher still, although you can bring it back down by dropping the collision and comprehensive coverage on older Yukons. However, most people looking for a solid vehicle that can haul the family, pets and gear will not be phased by the slight difference in rates.