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One unique but unfortunate factor about Honda Civics is that many (but not all) Civic model years are among the most often stolen cars. This means that insurance on a Honda Civic can be more expensive than other cars in its class, primarily due to theft risk. Theft risk varies by region, as do insurance prices associated with these risks, but the theft rate for the Civic is high across the nation. More than anything, a very large factor determining price is age of the car. Insurance on older cars is much cheaper than on newer models. Full coverage insurance on a new Civic, for a driver with a good record, might cost around $1500 every six months, however buying liability insurance for a mid to late 90's model would be closer to $800. As always, insurance prices can vary quite a bit based on the driver's record, and somewhat based on the driver's state and the crime rate where the driver lives.

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For people wanting a reliable and inexpensive vehicle, the Honda Civic has always been the go-to car. The Honda Civic has a fairly low base price, and due to it's superb reliability, maintenance costs are minimal as well. One financial factor people often overlook, however, is insurance. Honda Civic Insurance is an interesting subject, because it has such a high variation rate. This is due to a number of reasons. First of all, like insurance for any car, the driving record of the owner plays a very big role in insurance rates. Collisions and moving violations both greatly increase the cost of insurance for any car. Furthermore, collisions impact insurance rates even if the driver is not at fault. Both moving violations and collisions stay on the driver's record for a set amount of time, which varies by state. As long as one of these blemishes is on the driver's record, insurance rates will be significantly higher than average. The Honda Civic also has some unique traits that influence insurance that other cars do not. First of all, the Civic comes in several variations. The new (2011) version comes in a 2 door coupe and a 4 door sedan. The sedan offers the cheapest insurance, as the coupe is considered a higher risk car, due to it being sporty. Furthermore, the Si trim level of the Honda Civic, of any year or body type, will generate a higher insurance cost for the same reason. Older Honda Civics came in hatchback models, a 3 door and a 5 door. Insurance on the 3 door is more expensive than on the 5 door for the same reason as the coupe/sedan situation.

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Obviously this means that buying a used Honda Civic can be a very affordable option. One thing to avoid, however, in order to keep insurance costs low, are aftermarket performance modifications. These include simple things like spoilers and body kits, as well as more complex modifications like aftermarket turbo kits. These modifications make the car "sportier" in the eyes of insurance companies, as well as increase risk of theft, and both of these things drive up the cost of insurance. The most affordable option in terms of cheap insurance for buying a Honda Civic would be a used older model 5 door hatchback or 4 door sedan.