How Much is Moped Insurance?

Mopeds are two-wheeled vehicles that have pedals. Ask any purist. If it does not have pedals, moped enthusiasts classify it as a scooter. From the view of most insurance companies, mopeds do not exist. Mopeds, motorcycles and scooters are usually classified as motorcycles when buying insurance.

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The size of the moped's engine vehicles affects how expensive a the moped's insurance premiums are.

The level of insurance coverage needed depends on the state where the rider lives. Actual moped insurance premiums will vary based on this as well as the rider's driving record. Certain states do not require riders to carry insurance on mopeds or scooters. Based on our research, a person generally should not pay more than $110 annually for moped insurance.

Most mopeds are inexpensive vehicles that most people buy outright. If something major goes wrong with the bike, the average owner will replace the vehicle rather than sending it in for repairs. An accident can affect a person's ability to work or get around. The situation is worse when a rider uses a moped as his sole method of transportation. They are not expected to be a person's primary mode of transportation, and they are not capable of going on the Highways. Mopeds are intended for short trips within a city and trips between towns.

In some states, a person who has a motorcycle driver's license can get a discount on his moped insurance. Pennsylvania is one state where a moped rider does not need a special license, but can get a $15 per year discount on moped insurance if he earns a motorcycle license.

A person with a clean driving record may pay about the same amount for comprehensive coverage as a risky driver does for collision coverage. Comprehensive moped insurance policies, like comprehensive car insurance policies. cover damage to the vehicle due to weather, natural and man-made disasters. A person may not need to carry it on his bike. If an owner can replace the moped by putting down a cash payment at his local moped dealer, collision insurance will usually meet the insurance needs for his moped, scooter or small motorcycle.

Some insurance companies apply a discount to a person's motorcycle policy if he purchases his car insurance through the same company. Most of the major insurance companies offer several types of vehicle insurance. When considering a moped purchase, just ask the agent if he can cover the vehicle or not. Most agents happily give quotes over the phone to existing customers.