Insurance Comparison for a Dodge Dakota

Not all work trucks have to be full-size. The Dodge Dakota blends the utility of a pick-up truck with the smooth handling of a compact. Offering a 4-cylinder or a stronger V6, drivers can also choose between a 4-speed or a 5-speed transmission. Over the years the Dakota has changed in appearance and styling, but it continues to be a popular choice for people seeking a mid-size pickup truck.

Readily-Available Parts

The Dakota is designed to be an affordable truck for working men and women. The Dodge was designed to use many existing Chrysler products in an attempt to help keep production costs low. The ready availability of parts for the Dakota makes this vehicle affordable to repair after an accident. This is not only convenient for owners who are trying to save money; it also helps to lower the insurance premiums on the vehicle.

How Much Is Insurance for a Dodge Dakota?

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The Dodge Dakota is expected to be discontinued after the 2011 model year. However, owners can still expect the repair costs to remain low due to the wide availability of replacement parts, so the discontinuation of the line is not expected to affect insurance rates. The 2011 Dodge Dakota is spacious and powerful, with a high towing capacity and the best-in-class payload rating. With seating for five, the Dakota is still roomy enough to transport the family when needed. The newest Dakota also offers Crate ‘n Go rear seat storage for hauling extra cargo when you need it.

Dodge Dakota is Affordable

The Dodge Dakota starts below $24,000 making it an affordable option for drivers. The truck is sturdy enough to meet the strenuous demands of a work truck, versatile enough to be used for work and play, and priced to be within the reach of most working men. Because the potential liability for the insurance companies is low, even if the truck is totaled, insurance rates for this vehicle are as affordable as the truck itself.

Anti-Spin Rear Differential

This special feature offered by Dodge helps drivers keep the truck on the road. Torque can be transmitted to the rear wheels when extra traction is needed to help prevent losing control of the truck. Paired with the anti-lock brake system, the Dakota is able to quickly and easily maintain control when driving conditions become difficult. Because this features helps keep the car on the road and avoid accidents, insurance rates are slightly lower.

How Much Is Insurance for a Dodge Dakota?

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Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Drivers don’t always catch it when the tire pressure falls. Maintaining proper pressure is important for increased control when driving and safety. The Dakota features a warning system that alerts the driver when the tire pressure falls. Insurance companies will keep this in mind when determining the premiums for a truck.

Personal Protection

More than the cost of repairs, medical bills are what work to drive up the cost of insurance. The Dakota takes passenger protection seriously by offering a full safety cage that can absorb the impact of an accident. Multiple airbags provide full protection in the event of serious impact. Side-curtain airbags protect passengers in all areas of the vehicle in addition to the front airbags. Over the years, the Dakota has consistently received 5 stars in government crash ratings. Expect insurance premiums to be lower thanks to the truck’s aggressive safety features.

Average Insurance Rates for Dodge Dakota Owners

The average cost of insurance for the Dakota hovers around a respectable $100 a month. The rates have remained stable over the years, so owners can expect the rates even for used Dakota’s to be comparable.

Mistakes to Avoid

It’s tempting to drop collision insurance and comprehensive coverage when you are driving an older vehicle that may have more miles. However, keep in mind that these are the coverages that will help you replace your vehicle or get it fixed after an accident. Don’t rush to drop the comprehensive coverage on your older Dakota, consider increasing your deductible, instead.

How Much Is Insurance for a Dodge Dakota?

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The Dodge Dakota is a popular choice for men and women who need the open bed of a pick-up in a smaller package. The extended cab options allow additional seating for passengers while the powerful engines and sturdy frame give it the ability to tow. Enjoy an affordable vehicle with low overall cost of insurance when you choose a used or new Dodge Dakota.