Insurance for a Honda Acura - Comparison and Reviews

Produced by the engineering artists at Honda, Acura models feature the luxurious touches that make any car amazing to drive. The brand first became available in the United States in 1986, and it has continued to grow in popularity since then. If you have been considering purchasing an Acura, here is what you can expect when it’s time to insure your new car.

The Honda Acura is generally less expensive to insure, compared to other luxury cars in its class. This is mostly due to Acura's track record of reliability, safety, and high resale value.

Acura's High Resale Value Avoids GAP Insurance

Hondas are known for having high resale values, and Acura models also benefit from high values when you’re ready to trade up. The company was awarded the coveted Automotive Lease Guide Residual Value Award for Overall Luxury Brand. The fact that an Acura will hold its value means that you won’t have to spend extra money on GAP insurance to help cover the car loan in case of a serious accident.

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Acura's Affordable Luxury Keeps Premiums Low

Most luxury cars come complete with high price tags. But the Acura line-up features very attractive pricing. The 2012 RL starts at only $47,700, an extremely reasonable price for a vehicle that features all-wheel drive, a Bose sound system, luxurious seating and the driving experience of a sports car. This allows you to enjoy the incredible comfort of a luxury car for the reasonable insurance premiums of a compact budget car.

Impressive Safety Features Result in Low Insurance Costs

Any insurance company faces limited liability when it comes to the value of your car. Medical payments for injuries, however, can quickly add up to outweigh the value of the vehicle. Insurance companies will reward people who drive safer cars by offering them lower insurance premiums. Acura is known for producing cars that are extremely safe. All Acura models in 2009 were awarded 5-Star crash rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The company currently offers several standard features that help ensure drivers can stay focused on the road. When you purchase a newer Acura, you can enjoy the benefits of Hands-free calling that works with Bluetooth.

Acura models also feature multiple front air bags and side curtain air bags. Breakaway steering columns and front seat active head restraints are more examples of the standard equipment that Acura uses to help keep you safe in an accident. Mitigation braking systems are used to detect the possibility of accidents and begin braking while precision steering, fine suspension systems and anti-lock brakes help you avoid accidents to begin with.

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Luxurious Items Increase the Cost of Insurance Slightly

While most aspects of an Acura work to keep the insurance premium down, the luxurious features of these cars will prevent them from dropping too low. Even the base model TSX with an affordable sticker price below $30,000 features luxurious heated leather seats and dual-mode climate control. Technological features include high-quality sound systems and Bluetooth technology. These luxurious features make the car more enjoyable to drive, but they also drive the insurance premiums slightly.

All-Wheel Drive Vehicles Cost More to Insure

The stability and superior handling of all-wheel drive makes Acura models more stable, but it also drives up the price of insurance. This is because the transmissions are more complicated and will be more costly to repair or replace after an accident. However, the difference is barely noticeable at just a few dollars a month.

High Acura Demand Means Reasonable Repair Costs and Lower Insurance Prices

Acuras are in high demand in the United States. Their demand is high enough that several models are actually assembled domestically in American plants. Replacement parts are readily available, and the prices for these parts is reasonable and in line with other brands. Even though Acura is technically an import, the models feature insurance rates that are comparable with most domestic brands.

Overall, Acuras are extremely affordable to insure. Their high demand, excellent resale value and impressive safety features help lower the cost of insurance. While the luxury features and all-wheel drive will drive the insurance premiums up slightly, most people would agree that the wonderful luxury and superior handling is worth the slight increase in insurance costs.

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