Insurance for a Mercury Mountaineer

Insurance prices for any vehicle vary based on several factors. Your own driving record and age will have an impact, no matter what you drive. Overall, insurance for the Mercury Mountaineer is reasonable, making this an attractive SUV to consider if you are in the used car market. Here are the facts about the Mariner line and what you can expect from your insurance company should you choose one of these SUVs.

Mercury Mountaineer's History

Between 1997 and 2010, Mercury sold roughly 390,000 Mountaineers. An upscale version of the more widely-known Ford Explorer, this mid-size SUV offered families the handling of a truck with the comfortable seating of a sedan. Although the model was discontinued along with the brand name in late 2010, there are still tens of thousands of Mountaineers for sale on the used car market. The cars are solid and reliable. Potential buyers should remember that the discontinuation of the line was strictly a business decision for Ford Motor Company and is in no way a reflection on the quality of the Mountaineer.

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Affordable Repairs

The Mountaineer was a sister car to the Explorer. The two models were alike mechanically. What this means for buyers is that there is no shortage of replacement parts available for this SUV. Even today, the cost of repairs will remain reasonable because Ford is standing behind their brands. Replacement parts will continue to be offered for the Mountaineer in part because they are still needed for the Explorer. And because there are hundreds of thousands of compatible Explorers on the road, it's reasonable to expect that there will be no shortage of parts for some time. Readily-available replacement parts reduce the cost of repairs, which makes it less likely that a car will be declared a total loss after an accident. In turn, this helps to keep insurance costs low, because most repairs will be affordable and reasonably priced

Mountaineer's Nice Amenities - Not so Nice for Insurance Price

While the Mountaineer was similar to the Explorer mechanically, the two models feature very different upgrade options and interiors. The Mercury version offered a roomier interior and an overall smoother ride, thanks to better suspension. Higher-quality supplies were used to outfit the Mountaineer, and features like power-adjustable pedals and third-row seating made the vehicle more attractive to buyers. While these luxurious extras are attractive to buyers, they make the insurance companies see dollar signs. Every luxury item has the potential to add to the cost of insurance. Fortunately, the upgrades available on the Mountaineer didn’t do too much to damage the overall insurance premiums.

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All-Wheel Drive Mountaineer - Always a Concern for Insurance Costs

Earlier models offer a choice of two-wheel or four-wheel drive. However, the later models all featured all-wheel drive. When shopping for your Mountaineer, be aware that there are different transmissions available. While the all-wheel drive is certainly convenient, it can also be much more costly to repair and slightly more expensive to insure than the two- and four-wheel drive counterparts.

2004 and Later for Safety

Safety features have a way of bringing down the insurance premiums, big-time. Mercury Mountaineer saw an overhaul in 2004 that included the addition off new levels of safety. Stability control was first introduced in this year and made optional starting in 2005. Standard side airbags were initially seen on the 2006 models, offering valuable protection to the rear passengers. Rear parking systems and a Sync voice-operated multimedia system all work together to make the more recent models more enjoyable to drive and safer. Insurance premiums are lower for autos with greater safety features, so you can enjoy a safer drive and a more attractive premium.

Excellent Towing Capacity

The Mountaineer featured one of the more attractive towing capacities in its class. With the ability tow more than its competitors, it’s a smart choice if you have a recreational vehicle to tow. While this fact has very little impact on insurance premium, if any, you may want to keep it in mind when purchasing your insurance. If you plan to tow travel trailers, jet skis, or other recreational vehicles, you may enjoy an insurance discount by insuring all of those vehicles on the same policy as your Mercury Mountaineer.

Mercury Mountaineer Insurance: The Bottom Line
The Mountaineer is a nice upgrade from the Ford Explorer. It has the power you expect from a sport utility vehicle with the luxurious amenities people were accustomed to Mercury offering. Considered one of the better midsize SUVs, Moutaineers are definitely worth looking at on the used car market. Thanks to affordable repairs, readily-available replacement parts and excellent safety features, insuring the Mountaineer won’t break the budget. Average insurance rates for this car are just below $100 per month, depending on your personal record and the area where you live. For most comparable SUVs, insurance rates can be slightly higher.

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