Insurance for the Chevy Traverse

The Chevy brand has outdone itself with the Traverse. Chevy listened to what the public was screaming for and responded with a vehicle that delivered. The Traverse provides a sleek, powerful SUV appearance, combined with an economical 24 MPG on the highway. Featuring the best cargo space in its class and seven passenger seating; the Traverse is the answer for any family seeking the interior of a minivan without the traditional minivan look. Retailing between $29,000 and $40,000 it is also an affordable choice for many families.

When purchasing your Traverse, here is what you can expect where the insurance is concerned.

All-Wheel Drive Increases Insurance Costs

Many people are drawn to the Traverse partly because of the standard all wheel drive transmission. More control on wet roads and a greater ability to handle the snow makes it a popular choice for anyone who regularly deals with tough driving conditions. Something to keep in mind, however, is that all wheel drive transmissions cost more money to repair after an accident. This is a little fact that the insurance companies will take into account when determining premiums.

Additionally, all wheel drive vehicles are trickier to tow. Most tow companies don’t want to mess with dropping the drive train; they will play it safe and put your Traverse on a flat bed should a tow be required. Flat beds cost a little more to load. It’s not a huge difference, but paying the few dollars extra for towing coverage on your insurance might still be a good idea.

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Traverse's Safety Features are a Plus

Insurance companies like cars that will keep the passengers safe. The Traverse offers standard air bags for the driver and passenger, as well as the ability to shut down the passenger side air bag for smaller people. Side curtain airbags offer protection for the rear passengers for added safety. Ask about discounts on your Traverse based on the vehicle’s daytime running lamps and traction control system. The vehicle also offers rear parking assist, StabiliTrak electronic stability control system and tire pressure monitor.

A Newer Model May Mean Costlier Repairs

Introduced to the lineup in 2009, the Traverse is a newer model. This means that it has not yet passed the test of time like models like the Suburban. Models that have been around for decades often have parts that can be used on several different model years, helping to bring down the overall cost of repair. The Traverse does not have this benefit, so the cost of repairs tends to be on the high side. This is one reason why insurance premiums may be a little high.

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Average Insurance for the Chevy Traverse

Average annual insurance cost for the Traverse will run most people about $1,300. This places it at a slightly higher insurance premium than most drivers would pay for sedans, but a lower price than for luxury cars and even other sports utility vehicles in the Traverse's class.

Chevy Traverse Insurance Discounts

Many insurance companies offer discounts for cars that have security systems, and the Traverse comes equipped with an alarm. Safe drivers can also qualify for discounts, so if you haven’t had a ticket in more than 3 years be sure to mention that. Finally, ask about taking classes for safe driving to see if that can help net additional savings for you.


The Traverse is the perfect solution for anyone who loves the layout of a minivan but prefers the exterior appearance of a SUV. Insurance premiums will run a little more than for some other vehicles, but they are still quite reasonable overall. Talk to your agents about discounts you may qualify for, and prepare to enjoy cruising in your new Traverse.

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