Insurance for the Honda Odyssey - Insurance Comparison Overview

The Honda Odyssey first hit American highways in 1995. It became so popular with families that Honda began manufacturing a larger version of the Odyssey domestically to meet the high demand. Staying current with market demands and holding true to Honda’s commitment to high quality, the Odyssey continues to be one of the top selling vans in the United States.

Honda Odyssey is Hi-Tech

The Odyssey caters to people who want a quality van with space for the kids and the features that parents are looking for. The Odyssey is loaded with technical gadgets and fun extras that make the van more enjoyable for the adults in the family to drive. A DVD system keeps the kids happy on long trips, while audio systems provide plenty of entertainment for all passengers. What the insurance companies like to see, however, are the added features like the Bluetooth hands-free link. When drivers have both hands on the wheel, their chances of causing an accident are reduced.

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Unique Blind Spot Radar

Every driver on the road is guilty of changing lanes when a car was in the blind spot. Everyone knows they should check every time, but they don’t always follow through with that. The BSI (Blind Spot Indicator) system includes sensors on the rear corners of the van that detect vehicles or other objects in the blind spot. A graphic indicator on the interior of the van alerts the driver that there may be something in the way. While some technology drives up the premiums for insurance due to a high replacement cost, this technology brings the insurance expense back down.

Backup Sensors

Installed in the bumper of the van, this system has a chime that lets drivers know how close they are getting to objects. It’s one of those little extras that makes driving the van safer, helping drivers to avoid other cars and shopping carts. It’s also one of the little features that work to keep the insurance cost low.

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Daytime Running Lights

It may not seem like having the lights on in the day will make a car safer, but they do actually help make the car more visible to other drivers. A standard feature on the Odyssey, the insurance companies reward owners with slightly lower rates.

Honda Odyssey - Amazing Safety

The Odyssey is loaded with other important safety features. Anti-lock brakes are standard, electronic brake distribution helps retain control of steering while vehicle stability assist with traction control help avoid losing control. A tire pressure monitoring system is included, along with airbags throughout the vehicle. The NHTSA gives the Odyssey the coveted 5-Star Overall Vehicle Score. Insurance companies know about all these safety features, and they lower the average cost of insurance accordingly.

Reasonable Repair Cost

Honda is known for producing quality cars, and they’re not overly expensive to repair. With the parts being produced domestically, the cost of getting your Odyssey back on the road after an accident is in line with other minivans. This little fact also helps keep the insurance reasonable.

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Great Resale

A high resale value typically creates a larger liability for the insurance company as the years go on. However, owners love driving around in cars that are holding their value. If you like having new cars and tend to trade in frequently, then the Odyssey is a smart choice for you. This pleasant aspect will, however, keep the insurance rates slightly higher.

Overall Insurance Cost

There are some aspects of the Odyssey that keep insurance costs higher, like its excellent resale value and additional electronic luxuries. However, the insurance cost stays at reasonable levels due to the average repair costs and impressive safety features. Owners of an Odyssey can expect to pay just a few dollars above the national average for cars in its class.