Insurance for the Kia Optima - Cheapest in Its Class?

Introduced in 2000, the Optima is also known as the Magentis, the Lotze and the K5. A global sedan, the Optima is an affordable sedan that can easily transport a family of five. The Kia boasts a modest starting price of only $21,000, and owners will be thrilled to learn that insurance averages are just as modest.

Average Insurance for an Above Average Car

The Optima has very affordable insurance rates. Unlike other luxury sedans that cost substantially more to cover, the Kia Optima will only cost about $105 a month for full coverage. Yet the vehicle offers a great deal of comfort, luxury and special features.

Kia Optima has Excellent Sales Numbers

One of the drawbacks to imports is that they usually cost more to insure due to expensive replacement parts. However, this situation changes when a car enjoys high sales in the country. Because the Optima has become so popular, Kia has moved production of cars for the United States market to the plant in Georgia. This works to keep repair costs low, allowing insurance companies to lower their premiums. The popularity of the car will also prompt after-market production of parts, allowing the prices to fall even further.

Cheapest Insurance for the Kia Optima

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Pay More to Insure your Kia Optima Hybrid

Hybrids have extra batteries and those power cells tend to be expensive. While the hybrid Optima may save you money at the pump, it will also cost you about five dollars a month more to insure. Of course, with gas constantly ranging between three and four dollars a gallon, that extra five dollars is well worth the expense.

Enjoy the Luxury of a Rear Camera on Your Kia Optima

Insurance companies love anything that makes the car safer to drive. The optional rear-camera display on your Optima reduces the risk of parking lot accidents and makes pedestrians everywhere a little safer. This option will add a little to the ticket price of your Kia, but it can help you net a discount with the insurance company. It will also help you avoid backing over the kids’ toys or bikes.

5-Star Safety Rating on the Kia Optima Lower the Cost of Insurance

Insurance companies reward owners of safe cars with lower premiums. The Optima features airbags throughout the cabin to protect all passengers. Standard disc brakes on all wheels and anti-lock brakes help prevent accident while the traction control system helps you avoid spin-outs. Other features like hill-start assist control prevent the car from rolling back on hills, a feature that is important in mountainous areas of the country.

What really helps keep the insurance cost down on the Optima is its 5-Star safety rating from NHTSA. This rating is consistent with its designation as the 2011 IIHS Top Safety Pick for the 2012 Optima.

Insure Your Kia Optima - Fast and Easy

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The Optima is one of the top picks by Edmunds for a midsize sedan. The styling is fluid and refined while the features make it a luxurious car to drive. The price tag is appealing, and the cost of insurance won’t leave you gasping for breath. If you are in the market for a sedan with a lot to offer, consider taking a closer look at the sophisticated and affordable Kia Optima.