Insuring a Buick Regal - Competitive Insurance Rates for Mid-Size Sedans

Rolling off the assembly line in 1973, the mid-size Regal sedan continues to be a mainstay of Buick’s lineup today. Starting below $27,000 the Regal is a spacious sedan with a sporty exterior and a luxurious interior. Responsive performance and attention to details over the years has helped the Regal remain a highly popular brand. When it comes to the cost of owning a Buick Regal, here’s what you can expect from your insurance company.

Buick Regal Typical Insurance Premiums

Insurance premiums for the Regal will run a little higher than average. Drivers with clean records can expect to pay about $115 a month towards their insurance premiums. Here is some more information on the great features offered by the Regal and how they affect the cost of insurance.

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Interactive Drive Control System

An upscale feature that is surprising to find in the moderately-priced Regal, this electronic system continually works to bring out the car’s greatest performance. Drivers can choose from Sport, Tour or Standard modes; depending on whether they’re looking for a fun and sporty drive, a long-distance haul or the daily grind in heavy traffic. While this feature is incredibly cool and fun, it also indicates an expensive computer component that could be damaged in the event of an accident.

StabiliTrack with Traction Control

Traction matters to the driver and it also matters to the insurance company. When the car grips the road better and the driver has the best possible control over the car, the chance of accidents is reduced. While the interactive drive control system may cause a slight bump in premiums, owners can expect this feature to offset that bump and bring the price back down.

Buick Regal Gets High Marks for Safety

The Regal has a top rating where safety is concerned. This sedan is loaded with safety features that families will appreciate. Standard airbags found on all Regals include traditional dashboard airbags and front seat side airbags for the front passenger and driver. Side curtain airbags along the roofline are standard as well, offering protection for both front and rear-seat passengers. Young children in the rear seat can be hurt by side impact airbags located in that area; for that reason these airbags are optional on the Buick. The StabiliTrak feature keeps drivers firmly on the road while anti-lock brakes with brake assist help the car stop in time when needed. These safety features work together to give the Regal a high safety rating and slightly lower insurance premiums.

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Avoid Fender-Benders with Buick Regal's New Rear Parking Assist Program

It’s a little thing, and something that some drivers scoff at when they discover it’s on their car. Sensors in the bumper detect items within a certain distance of the car and will sound an alert should the car get too close. Some drivers love it; other drivers feel that it’s unnecessary. Either way, it’s a feature that helps avoid accidents and the insurance companies will smile on that.


Insurance companies look at vehicle reviews just as buyers do. When a car has poor visibility from inside the cabin, insurance premiums may be raised slightly. Reviews on the Regal give it high marks for visibility.

Buick Is Almost Synonymous With Reliability

Buick has a long history of producing reliable cars and the Regal is no exception. J.D. Power and Associates give the sports sedan high marks for being reliable and dependable. While this feature may not have a high impact on insurance ratings, it is certainly worth remembering when choosing a new or used vehicle.

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How Your Driving Record Affects Insurance Premiums

Your personal driving record will greatly impact your insurance premium. Tickets and accidents will quickly cause rates to go through the roof. They can also result in your insurance company dropping you completely. To keep rates low drivers should take care to obey all traffic laws, avoiding accidents and tickets. If you already have some dings on your record, ask your agent if you can get a discount for taking a safe driver class. If your record is already squeaky clean, ask if you are receiving a safe driver discount.