Kia Sorento Insurance Overview

The Sorento truly is a departure from the unexpected. It features sleek styling that is in line with higher-end vehicles. The modest price tag is typical of Kia, yet the impressive features make it

an excellent choice in the midsize crossover segment. The starting price is a budget-friendly $23,150 and the insurance premiums are just as attractive.

Kia Sorento is Affordable to Insure

Some crossovers can be extremely pricey to insure. The extra electronics, high-end accessories and equally high price tags prompt insurance companies to charge high premiums. Kia has managed to find a balance between style, luxury and affordability that helps keep the premiums low. Drivers with good, clean records will enjoy average rates of about $100 a month. Of course, these rates could go up if you live in areas like New York City that traditionally have higher insurance costs. They could also be lower if you are in areas like Ohio that traditionally have a lower insurance premium.

Kia Sorento Car Insurance Information

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Domestic Production Keeps Insurance Premiums Low

Replacement parts may not be your top concern when shopping for a car, but the insurance companies care about the average cost of replacement parts. When a vehicle is manufactured and supported overseas, the replacement parts will be more expensive than they are for vehicles produced domestically. The Kia Sorento has enjoyed enough popularity that it is now produced in the state of Georgia. This makes repairs a little more affordable than they are for other Kia models, helping to bring down the cost of insurance.

All-Wheel Drive is an Option on the Kia Sorento

People love having four-wheel drive, especially when they live in colder climates. Regardless of where you live, all-wheel drive handles better in wet and snowy conditions. However, you should remember that there are a few drawbacks to going with all-wheel drive. The gas mileage will be slightly lower while the insurance costs will go higher. Fuel economy on the front-wheel drive Sorento is 20/26, but the AWD version only delivers 18/24. You can also expect to pay about ten dollars a month more for the more attractive all-wheel drive.

Safety Features on the Kia Sorento are Impressive

The Sorento does have front active head restraints and air bags that protect the first two rows of passengers. The third row, however, is not covered by any air bags. While this may not be a huge issue, it also doesn’t net the Kia any big discounts for safety. The third row is not standard on the Sorento; it is only an option on the LX, LX V6 and EX. If you choose the third row seating, keep in mind that those passengers will not have the same level of protection as the others.

The Sorento also hill assist control, a feature that is designed to prevent the vehicle from rolling backward when stopped on a hill. Downhill brake control is a feature that is designed to help the vehicle safely navigate steep grades. These are two features that could be truly attractive to people living in mountainous or hilly areas. An optional backup warning system could help keep pedestrians safe, providing owners with another insurance discount.

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The Kia features many of the luxury items you expect to find in more expensive vehicles. The HomeLink system makes entering your garage easy, while a trip computer allows you to easily monitor the car’s efficiency. Integrated Bluetooth lets you keep both hands on the wheel and front and rear climate zones keep everyone comfortable. If you have been looking for an affordable crossover, the Kia Sorento may be the right choice for you. Attractive pricing combines with reasonable insurance rates to make this a budget friendly choice for most families.