Lexus Auto Insurance - Double Sticker Shock?

Lexus passenger cars are known for their quality build, smooth ride and impressive features. While these cars may be highly desired for their fantastic quality and luxury, it is important to remember that luxury does come with a price. If you are considering purchasing a Lexus, you should look at the cost of insurance as well as the dealer price tags.

As the Lexus gets Nicer, the Insurance Premium Rises

The entry level Lexus is the IS. With a base price of $33,595, this car features push-button start, Bluetooth, leather trim, navigation system, Mark Levinson Surround Sound, HomeLink remote control, Lexus Enform emergency response system, heated seats and dual-zone automatic climate control. It also carries an average cost of insurance annually of $1,542, more than $300 above the national average for insurance premiums.

The Lexus LS has a base price of $67,130 and features even more luxury. In addition to the features of the IS, the LS has a moon roof, executive-class seating with power rear-seat recliners, a rear-seat concealed table and infrared temperature system. In addition to paying more for the car, you’ll also pay about $300 a year more for insurance. The average annual cost of insuring the Lexus LS is $1,842, largely because all the wonderful amenities result in higher repair costs after an accident.

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Lexus Hybrids Cost Even More to Insure

Hybrids will save you money at the pump, but that savings should be weighed against other factors. Hybrids cost more to purchase, and they cost more to insure. The Lexus CT Hybrid is an entry level vehicle with a sticker price of $29,120 and an average annual insurance premium of $1460.

The most refined hybrid offered by Lexus is the LS Hybrid. With a starting price of $112,250, this sedan offers personalized settings for the door locks and even the headlamps. It also comes with the highest cost of insurance at more than $2400 a year.

Part of the reason hybrids cost more to insure is because of the special engine, batteries and electronics that they contain. The cars are currently more costly to repair, making them more expensive to insure. Keep in mind, however, that there are tax breaks for purchasing a hybrid, and they can save you money at the pump.

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AWD Versions are more expensive to Insure

All-wheel drive vehicles cost a little more to insure. Some models, like the LS Hybrid, are only available as all-wheel drive. However, the regular LS comes in rear-wheel or all-wheel drive. If you choose all-wheel drive, be aware that your monthly insurance premiums will be just a few dollars higher.

A High Cost of Repairs for Lexus Drives up Insurance Premiums

Luxury cars are more expensive to repair. Part of it is the name; part of it is the fact that many parts have to be imported. The fact is that it costs 25 percent to 30 percent more to repair a Lexus than it does to repair a Honda. This is an added expense the insurance companies are uncomfortable with, so they pass it back out to the consumers through higher premiums.

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Lexus Passenger Cars have Impressive Safety Features to Keep Insurance Costs Manageable

The saving grace for Lexus autos is the fact that they have amazing safety features. Vehicle stability control is standard along with active front headrests and airbags that are situated throughout the vehicle. Adaptive front lights pivot into the turn for increased visibility while driving at night and rain-sensing wipers automatically adjust to the correct speed.

Lexus automobiles aren’t cheap to insure, but they are a pleasure to drive. When comparing the choices, remember that the more expensive trim levels will cost more to insure. Hybrids will also cause your insurance premiums to rise. However, the cars are loaded with amenities, and the amazing ride makes the expense well worth it.