Saturn Vue Insurance - Getting Great Rates on a Family-Friendly SUV

General Motors' Saturn car line became one of the casualties of the company’s reorganization in 2009. Offered between 2002 and 2009, the Saturn Vue was one of the more popular cars in Saturn's lineup. The Vue is still common seen on the road today and is readily available through the used car market. Before deciding on a used Vue, here's some information you might want to keep in mind regarding insuring the Vue.

More than Half a Million Saturn Vues are on the Road

There are currently more than 500,000 Vues driving along domestic highways and neighborhoods. The most popular model offered by Saturn, more than 600,000 Vues were sold. Because the models changed very little, finding replacement parts is typically not a problem for mechanics and auto repair shops. And even though the Vue is out of production, its body style has been maintained by Chevrolet through the Captiva Sport, which is sold in South America and as a fleet vehicle in the United States. The ready availability continued support for parts helps keep the Vue's insurance premium low.

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Saturn Vue Green Line

Very little advertising or fanfare was provided to Saturn's "green" line of hybrid Vues. Only about 13,500 of these cars were sold between 2006 and 2009, but they can be purchased on the used market. However, support for these engines can be a little dicey and the repair bills may be on the high side as you search for a mechanic who can properly treat the special belt alternator-starter. If you decide to go green with the Vue, plan on also consistently going to a GM authorized mechanic for service. You should also plan on also paying a few dollars a month more for the insurance, as the hybrid Vue is classified differently and insurance companies know it may cost more to repair.

All-Wheel Drive

Handling better in severe weather and offering greater responsiveness, some people adore their all-wheel drive Vue. But, before making the decision to purchase one, be aware that all-wheel drive vehicles offer a slightly lower return in fuel consumption. You should also be aware that all-wheel drive vehicles have more complex transmissions and will cost more to repair after an accident. Expect the insurance on an all-wheel drive Saturn Vue to be a little bit higher than on a front-wheel drive vehicle. Most people, however, consider this small price to be well worth it to have the benefits of all-wheel drive.

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This SUV is Actually a Family Car

The Vue was marketed as a sports-utility crossover. What it really proves to be is a family car. It has a sporty look and a fun appearance, but it’s not exactly offering the gobs of cargo space that are common among other cars in the SUV class. It’s fine for hauling around some gear, plenty of groceries and a few passengers. It’s the perfect family car for those people who just don’t want a sedan, but other SUVs tend to offer more interior space.

And, unlike other sports-utility crossovers, the Saturn Vue is not known for its incredible handling. This is good news for insurance rates, because insurance companies often equate incredible handling with an increased likelihood of risky or reckless driving. All in all, the Saturn Vue's family car traits help keep the insurance rates very modest.

Safety Features Offered in the Saturn Vue

Built for the family, the Vue did offer good safety features from the moment the first model rolled off the assembly lines. Traction control helps it stay on the road. Daytime running lights help make it more visible, and five-star crash ratings ensure that it provides the best protection to its passengers. With subsequent models, the Vue's safety features improved. Late model Saturn Vues came equipped with features like electronic stability control to help prevent rollovers, dynamic head restraints for increased protection, and tire pressure monitors to ensure proper tire inflation. The biggest change, however, came with the addition of front passenger airbags.

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The Vue's safety features are a good thing for cheap insurance rates. Insurance companies are all about safety. While property damage liability is typically limited to the value of the property, medical payments for injuries are a wild card that can prove to be incredibly expensive. The safer your car is, the lower your rates will be. However, the Saturn Vue could have done better in the area of airbags, especially with early models. While the Vue are safe, it could be safer. This one feature alone works against the owner, effectively keeping the insurance rates higher than they might otherwise be. When looking at used Vues, try to focus on those models that have front passenger airbags to get lower insurance rates and improved safety.

Overall, insurance rates for the Saturn Vues are very average. As a national number, they run just below the national average of $100 a month. Choosing a Vue with airbags and front-wheel drive can help lower that number. Choosing models that have all-wheel drive and are lacking airbags will drive the insurance premium just a little higher.