Toyota Camry Insurance

Midsize cars like the Toyota Camry tend to have lower insurance rates compared to other vehicles. In the midsize class, Toyota Camry's insurance rates are about average. The Camry will save money on your insurance policy thanks to its many safety features. But, some older Camry models are favorite targets for car thieves. As a result of these two opposing factors, Toyota Camry insurance rates tend to be among the middle of the pack among their midsize sedan counterparts.

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Still, there are a few things you can do to save money on your Toyota Camry insurance policy.

Bundle Your Toyota Camry Insurance with Other Policies

No matter what type of car you are driving, be sure to ask your insurance agent about discounts for combining your home, auto, and other insurance policies. Having all of your insurance under one policy could save anywhere from 25 to 45 percent. And if there is a teenager in your home, ask about a good grades discount in combination with bundling your other insurance policies. This will really help offset the extra cost of insuring a teenage driver.

Consider a Used Toyota Camry - Save up to $200 on Insurance

Second, shop around for different years of cars. A 1997 Toyota Camry’s insurance for 6 months costs less than $400 for a driver with no accidents or tickets on their license. A 2002 Toyota Camry’s insurance policy for the same 6 months would cost approximately $455. A 2009 Camry’s policy would cost $510. To find the monthly amounts of these policies, divide them all by 6. In all three cases, the monthly payment was less than $85. This insurance policy includes all the law requirements for a car that will have to be paid for with a loan. There is a difference when the car is bought outright. No loan means that the owner can simply put a liability insurance policy on the car, which is typically half of the other policy that is needed for a loan, and go from there.

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Insurance is Cheaper on the Toyota Camry LE

Third, the model of the car makes a big difference in the amount of the policy that is charged. In the case of the Toyota Camry, the basic LE model rewards its drivers with the lowest insurance costs. The tricked-out XLE model costs more because it has the leather interior and all the options that drivers may think they need in their car. Power locks and windows are not a necessity in a car and can help save money on insurance, so keeping that in mind when shopping for a Camry is a good idea. The option of having a manual shifter versus an automatic shifter not only affected the price of the car, but also the price of the insurance. Similarly, the Toyota Camry Hybrid model may cost more to insure because it's hybrid technology can be more expensive to repair. Knowing what one can and cannot live without in their car can help save them more money in the long run.