Are Kia Sedonas Cheap to Insure?

Short answer: yes, insurance for a Kia Sedona tends to be cheaper when compared to insurance for similar vehicles.

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A minivan for the family, the Kia Sedona was first introduced in 1998. Known as the Ria in Malaysia and the Carnival in Australia, the Sedona is sold around the globe. While the Kia may not perform to the level of the Toyota Sienna or Honda Odyssey, it is a worthy opponent that could fit nicely in your budget. In addition to carrying a lower price tag, its insurance rates will appeal to most families.

Kia Sedona Features Affordable Insurance

Minivans are typically very affordable to insure. Despite being an import, the Sedona is no exception to this rule. It is estimated that a driver with a good record will enjoy rates slightly below $100 a month. With a price range that starts at only $24,900, the low cost of insurance makes the Sedona a budget-friendly choice.

Loaded with Cool Features

Families are looking for great features that will keep everyone comfortable. The Kia Sedona delivers with integrated Bluetooth, dual climate zones, a navigation system and a rear-seat DVD entertainment system with headphones. While early models were light on these features, second-generation Kias produced after 2006 include all of these special perks and more. Sedona EX owners will appreciate dual sliding doors and a power liftgate, as well a standard front-row folding table with cup holders. Insurance companies typically charge extra to cover vehicles with extra bells and whistles, so you can expect to pay a little more to insure an EX with all these great options, rather than a more basic LX.

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Basic Interior

One factor that keeps insurance costs on the Sedona low is the fact that the interior is on the plain side, even on the higher-end Sedona EX. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as it means there are fewer high-end trim pieces to worry about after an accident. While you may not initially find the interior overly appealing, you should keep in mind that it is one of the factors that helps keep the insurance low.

Safety Features on the Kia Sedona are Impressive

What insurance companies really care about are the safety features. The more protection a vehicle provides, the lower the insurance company’s liability will be regarding medical bills and vehicle repair. The Sedona is loaded with standard safety features. They start with dual front airbags and seat-mounted side airbags. Full-length side curtain airbags protect the rear passengers, while front active headrests help prevent whiplash. Disc brakes and anti-lock brakes are standard, along with electronic stability control and traction control. A tire-pressure monitoring system provides an added layer of protection, while the side-impact door beams and crumple zones help the Kia Sedona earn high ratings in crash tests.

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Consider Used Kia Sedonas to Save on Insurance

The Sedona is plagued by a low resale value domestically. If one of your top concerns is a tight budget, consider looking at a used Kia. The handling of Sedona’s between 1998 and 2006 isn’t quite as peppy or solid as the newer generation, but you can find one with a very attractive price tag. Because someone else has already eaten most of the depreciation on the vehicle, you will also be able to get lower rates on insurance.

The Sedona has been around for fifteen years and has proven itself to be a reliable auto for transporting the family. Affordable at the dealer and offering modest insurance prices, it’s a choice that will be easy on the budget. Remember that higher trim levels will cost a little bit more to insure, but for most drivers, the extra features are worth the slightly higher insurance expense.