Ten Cheapest Car Insurance Premiums - 10 Cheapest Cars to Insure

Buying a car isn't just about the price tag on the windshield. In addition to all of the fees that come with purchasing your new vehicle, there is also the cost of insuring the vehicle. While some vehicles may be sporty and have a lot of horsepower or other features that draw the consumer's eye, these vehicles are usually the ones that cost the most when it comes to insurance.

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The less popular vehicles, the ones you buy because you need a vehicle (not because you want a new vehicle), are usually the ones that cost less as far as insurance is concerned. All of the vehicles on the top ten list are mini-vans or SUVs, with a proper station wagon making one appearance. (Makes little difference to your insurance agent, since mini-vans and some SUVs are usually classified as station wagons for insurance purposes). Bigger, more utilitarian vehicles are easier on your insurance budget, compared to a sports car. Check out these top ten vehicles with the lowest insurances rates for the year 2010.

#10: Kia Sportage

Coming with four doors and two-wheel drive, this vehicle's average annual premium is $1,138.41, placing it in tenth place in the running for cheapest car insurance. This SUV comes with an optional EcoMinder Indicator that is designed to identify when you are running your vehicle the most efficiently.

#9: Hyundai Tucson GLS

Although bigger than the last model of this vehicle, the 2010 Hyundai Tucson GLS is a full 61 pounds lighter and can get up to 31 miles per gallon on the highway. There are many features that come with this SUV, including keyless entry with alarm and panic button (which may save you a little on insurance).

#8: Toyota Sienna CE

In the #8 spot comes a mini-van with seating features for up to seven or eight passengers. Though the 2010 version remains unchanged from the 2009 version, it still comes with plenty of features, including optional power for both sliding doors.

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#7: Dodge Grand Caravan SE

Though it is described as a wagon, this vehicle would easily fit into any mini-van description. The vehicle has second and third row seating that can be folded completely flat to allow for big moving ventures. Overall performance of this vehicle has been rated low, however.

#6: Mazda Tribute S

This SUV can get up to 22 miles per gallon in the city, making it a great purchase for city drivers and highway drivers alike. The Mazda Tribute S also has all the updated features you love to see in a new vehicle.

#5: Jeep Wrangler X

Made for the great outdoors, this SUV has features such as fog lights, a compass, tow hooks, and outside temperature display. The vehicle also has a soft top to allow for easy removal of the top cover.

#4: Chrysler Town & Country LX

It's no swagger wagon, but it is another mini-van on the list of cheap insurance vehicles. Chrysler's Town and Country LX has new driver and front seat passenger head restraints and is described as being "buoyant" on the highway. The vehicle as a whole is described as "unimpressive" however, in spite of having seats that completely fold down.

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#3: Mazda Tribute I - Four-Wheel Drive

The 4-wheel drive version of this SUV ranks as the #3 option for cheapest car insurance premiums. This vehicle includes a garage door opener and an electrochromatic rearview mirror. It cruises along at 22 city miles to the gallon.

#2: Honda Odyssey LX

In the top two spot is another mini-van, this one from Honda. The Odyssey LX, though noted for being stylish and having lots of room, only gets 16 miles to the gallon, so you may want to consider this option carefully before picking it simply because the insurance premiums will cost less.

#1: Mazda Tribute I - Two-Wheel Drive - Cheapest Insurance Overall

And in the top spot is the 2-wheel drive version of the Mazda Tribute. With an ambient temperature gauge and 22 city miles per gallon, this vehicle comes with the features you love and the mileage you need. It wins the prize for the cheapest car insurance, at an average of $1,070.25 per year.

Additional tips: There are different requirements for automobile insurance depending on your area of residence. Check your state's official insurance website to find out more about automobile insurance in your area. These websites often include sample insurance premiums, types of insurance and coverage, and helpful tips and hints for getting the most out of your coverage. You can also find information about situations that will lower the cost of your insurance (such as a multiple-car deal or having a safe place to park your car). These websites also include a wealth of information about state requirements, billing procedures and fees, and types of coverage. With these tools and the above list at your fingertips, purchasing a new car with a low insurance premium can become a simple and stress-free task.


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