Life Insurance 101

Many people don’t buy life insurance because they have don’t understand it. Some wait until it is too late. They either develop a medical condition that renders them uninsurable, or they die before securing a policy.

If you are confused about life insurance, don’t feel alone -- but don’t procrastinate. Get the answers you need and move forward.(...)

Car Accidents and Auto Insurance Claims

Car accidents may be similar, but are never the same. Therefore, all auto insurance claims are never the same. Millions of car accidents occur every year and making a successful compensation claim can be difficult if the right decisions are not made. You are allowed to make an auto claim if the other driver was partially or fully responsible and able to claim repairs to your car, loss of earnings, insurance policy excess, damage, transport costs and personal injury.(...)

Car Insurance & Rental Cars

When you rent a car be sure to have insurance, otherwise you’re liable to pay for expensive repairs in the event of an accident, even if you’re a careful driver and it is no fault of your own. You can buy coverage from the car rental company or you can use your own car insurance.(...)

Car Insurance: What's Covered?

Car insurance (also known as auto insurance, motor insurance or vehicle insurance) is insurance that is purchased for trucks, cars and other motor vehicles.(...)

Life Insurance: Types of Life Insurance Plans

Let’s be honest – nobody wants to think about life insurance. It forces us to consider how life will go on for our loved ones, once ours ends. But responsible adults prepare for the future, and life insurance is a critical component of smart financial planning.

Making the right insurance decisions can literally determine the quality of life your family enjoys – or struggles with – once you are gone. The first step is to educate yourself on the wide array of products available. Then, select the one that is the perfect fit for your needs and budget.(...)

Life Insurance: What Determines Your Premium

Multiple factors determine the cost of life insurance premiums.(...)

Car Insurance and Teen Drivers

Having a teen driver in your family can be a challenging experience, but it doesn’t have to be a negative one. Here are common questions and issues you need to consider. Regulations vary by state, so be sure to check with your insurance agent regarding your teen driver’s rights and responsibilities.(...)

Car & Auto Insurance Quotes 101

Car insurance is financial protection against loss from theft, accidents, or any other type of automobile loss.

Since there are many different premiums and types of coverage available consumers have numerous questions on how to best insure their automobile. This article lists some of the most important things to know about car insurance.(...)

Auto Insurance 101

Auto Insurance 101 is a complete introduction to your car insurance questions. The better information you have, the better choices you will make.(...)

How Much Is Term Life Insurance?

Term life insurance is a popular life insurance option for individuals who need a high amount of life insurance coverage for a limited amount of time -- say, 10 to 30 years. But how much does term life cost, and how do you find the best deal?(...)

How Much Health Insurance Do I Need?

Under new health care legislation, all Americans will be required to carry health insurance starting in 2014. (...)

How Much Is Homeowner's Insurance?

How Much Does Homeowner's Insurance Cost?(...)

How Much Mortgage Insurance Is Enough?

If you have a mortgage on your home, your mortgage lender may ask you to take out mortgage insurance.(...)

How Much Car Insurance Should I Carry?

How much car insurance should you carry? It really depends on your budget, your vehicle, and your personal tolerance for risk.(...)

Seven Tips for Finding Good (And Cheap) Auto Insurance

Saving money on car insurance involves understanding your coverage, your needs, and your budget. Read these seven tips and you'll be ready to compare free insurance quotes for the best insurance deal.(...)

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