Mercedes Car Insurance - Saving Money on Your Mercedes Insurance Policy

Since buying a Mercedes is a significant investment, you should get the best insurance that you can afford to protect your investment. Don’t skimp on getting the best coverage for your Mercedes.(...)

Dodge Charger Insurance - Insuring the Muscle Car of the 21st Century

Some car aficionados consider the Dodge Charger the muscle car to buy for the 21st century.(...)

Audi Car Insurance - Characteristics that Influence Audi Car Insurance Cost

Audi is known for their beautifully luxurious cars, but they also go out of their way to include car features that ensure safety and sustainability. Most luxury cars from other companies are designed for speed, horsepower, and looks and do not include the same safety features that Audi includes in their vehicles. Because of this, Audi car insurance will be much less expensive than most other luxury car insurances. However, among the Audi models, several things are taken into consideration when deciding on a car insurance price.(...)

Chrysler Town & Country Insurance Rates Lower than Similar Vehicles

If you're considering purchasing a new minivan but insurance cost is a concern for you, then you can't go wrong with the 2011 Chrysler Town & Country minivan. Chrysler Town & Country insurance rates are some of the lowest insurance rates in the auto industry in general, and tops the list for minivans in particular.(...)

Ferrari Insurance - How Much Is Car Insurance for a Ferrari?

When asked to make a list of exotic, luxury sports cars, how long before you write down the name “Ferrari”? Not very long, I’m guessing.(...)

Funny Insurance Commercials - Video Clips from the Funniest Insurance Commercials

Insurance companies are producing the most uproarious ads on television. This is largely due to the success of the Geico’s gecko and cavemen campaigns.(...)

Identity Protection Tips for the New Year: Get Rid of Old Insurance Records

At the end of the year, it is time to reflect on the financial missteps of the past and to attempt to find a way to avoid these pitfalls in the future. One thing everyone can do is to spend some time discarding old, outdated financial records. This annual disposal not only keeps records neat, tidy, and organized, but it also protects people from the threat of identity theft.(...)

Ten Cheapest Car Insurance Premiums - 10 Cheapest Cars to Insure

Buying a car isn't just about the price tag on the windshield. In addition to all of the fees that come with purchasing your new vehicle, there is also the cost of insuring the vehicle. While some vehicles may be sporty and have a lot of horsepower or other features that draw the consumer's eye, these vehicles are usually the ones that cost the most when it comes to insurance. The less popular vehicles, the ones you buy because you need a vehicle (not because you want a new vehicle), are usually the ones that cost(...)

Volkswagen Car Insurance: America vs. UK

The United States' Highway Loss and Data Institute has data on 11 different Volkswagen models. Four of these have received the HLDI's prestigious designation of "top pick" in crash safety test categories. Because these models scored high in crash tests, car insurance rates for them will be lower than some others. The Volkswagen Golf, Jetta Sport, Passat, and Tiguan are known for less-expensive insurance.(...)

Jeep Insurance Quotes - The Cost of Jeep Wrangler Insurance and How to Save

The Jeep Wrangler is one of the most popular styles of athletic, off-road vehicles. These vehicles are built tough, to endure rocky terrain and effectively sustain impact. Because of their unique style and capabilities, these cars are highly sought after. Over the years, Jeep has also built a reputation as a family vehicle, adding features that rival higher-end SUVs. This combination of features and toughness makes the car very attractive to buyers, but many potential Jeep Wrangler owners worry that the cost of insurance may push these sporty vehicles right out of their price range.(...)

Explorer Insurance Quotes - Save Big Bucks on Ford Explorer Insurance

Finding affordable Ford Explorer car insurance today is a lot easier that it was twenty years ago thanks to model modifications and safety features that were not available back in the day.(...)

Ford Fiesta Insurance Quotes - What Affects Ford Fiesta Insurance Prices

The Fiesta is one of the Ford Motor Company's most successful line of cars. Over ten million of this mid-class compact have sold since the line was first introduced in 1976. People like its competitive price and the fact that buying Ford Fiesta insurance won't break their budget.(...)

Jaguar Insurance - What Drivers Must Know About Jaguar Insurance

Jaguars are one of the most sought after and envied vehicles available today. The Jaguar was first created 75 years ago, by a British car manufacturer and was then sold to the Ford Motor Company in 1989, who later sold Jaguar to Tata Motors in 2008. This trading of hands has expanded its availability across the United State States, as well as the rest of the world.. However, while the Jaguar is a highly coveted vehicle, the price of jaguar insurance is not.(...)

Hyundai Sonata Insurance

Hyundai's Sonata is a popular, reasonably priced sedan. Insuring one of these family cars is typically less expensive than other models, but there are a few tips that can help the savvy Sonata owner save some green.(...)

Ford Escape Insurance: Money-Saving Secrets for Ford Escape Owners

Ford Escapes have been a tremendous hit among new car buyers. The Escape is a smaller SUV that still has ample room for passengers and storage, plus relatively low gas costs. When considering Ford Escape insurance costs, an owner or potential buyer should factor an additional 10-12% of the cost of the vehicle over a five year time span. When looking at this number compared to the overall affordability of the Ford Escape, the total cost of this vehicle including car insurance makes the Escape a fantastic buy.(...)

Ford Mustang Insurance - Affordable Policies for an American Classic

The Mustang is one of Ford Motor Company’s iconic cars. It is “The Dream Car” of many individuals who want to own an American classic muscle car.(...)

Mitsubishi Car Insurance: An Important Financial Factor when Considering a Mitsubishi Purchase

Mitsubishi is a forward-thinking Asian automotive company that merged with other companies and took over financially troubled companies when those types of business moves were in their infancy. Mitsubishi's roots in the automotive industry can be traced back to 1917, when the auto market was just getting its wheels on the road. In those days, car insurance was not mandatory. Companies were selling auto insurance because marine insurance was such a profitable venture. Businesses moved cargo from one country to another and needed protection, so it was natural progression and a wise business move to insure automobiles and owners.(...)

Golf GTI Insurance - What to Know Before Insuring Your Golf GTI

When looking for insurance for a Volkswagen Golf GTI, there are a few things to consider. The Golf GTI is generally classified on the sportier end of the spectrum, sometimes referred to as a Hot Hatch or sports coupe. This classification lends itself to higher pricing depending on the exact specifications of your Golf GTI.(...)

How to Obtain Cheap BMW Car Insurance

BMWs are known for both their quality and style. Because of their high quality and beautiful design, BMW's are extremely popular among drivers. Unfortunately, these vehicles are also expensive to insure, which can put BMW owners in a tough financial situation.(...)

How to Save on Dodge Ram Insurance

Dodge Ram Insurance May Not Cover the Full Value Unless a Little Research is Done Before the Purchase


What is SR22 insurance?

The SR-22 is a form that the insurance company files with the state on behalf of an insured driver. An SR22 insurance form is usually required after a driver has received a ticket for being at fault in an accident while not having insurance, or after a DUI or DWI conviction for drunk or impaired driving.(...)

Tips On Ford Focus Insurance

One of the best features about the Ford Focus automobile is the relatively low cost of insurance for the vehicle.(...)

Why Is Pontiac G6 Insurance More Affordable Than Other Models?

When looking for a new or used car, every buyer has something different in mind, but the end result has the same goal in mind: a car such as the Pontiac G6 that will provide both performance and quali(...)

Get The Facts On Nissan Altima Insurance

With its great safety record, the Nissan Altima will generally cost less to operate, since the lack of needed maintenance, along with the lower premium payments, will help to offset the higher initial(...)

Toyota Corolla Insurance

In the last ten years or so, Toyota has built itself up into among the world's greatest and most beloved car manufacturers.(...)

Toyota Camry Insurance

Midsize cars like the Toyota Camry tend to have lower insurance rates compared to other vehicles. In the midsize class, Toyota Camry's insurance rates are about average.(...)

Ford Fusion Insurance

When consumers shop for a car, they rarely take insurance rates into account, even though the type of car a consumer buys plays a crucial role in whether the premium is high or low.(...)

Honda Accord Insurance

The Honda Accord is consistently one of the best selling cars on the road. They have a low cost of ownership, due to the fact that they are reliable, long-lasting and easy to repair. Honda Accord insurance is also quite reasonably priced, which adds to the overall low cost of ownership.(...)

Chevy Cobalt Insurance

Everyone is looking to save money these days, and hunting for cheaper insurance is no exception. Chevy Cobalt owners already know it's possible to balance good value with style and comfort.(...)

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